8333145057?profile=RESIZE_710xCAMS will shortly be launching its second call for Lectureships, PostDocs and PhDs, inviting responses to specific industry challenges aligned to the 4x CAMS themes:

  • Point of use sensors and photonics
  • Complex mixtures, separations and detection
  • Data analytics
  • Novel instrumentation or technique

Unfortunately the launch of this open and competitive call has been delayed slightly, and will now be released in very early Jan 2021. Call details will be published on the CAMS website and social media channels, so please keep your eyes peeled for updates in the New Year.

Funding will be available for Lectureships, PostDocs and PhDs, noting that all bidders are expected to have secured co-funding that at least matches CAMS’s contribution (Lectureship - £200k, PostDoc - £100k and PhD - £30k, or euro equivalent).

Successful applicants (the individual) will automatically receive Awardee Membership to the CAMS Network, which includes involvement on MSI meetings and events. As an industry led Community, applicants are expected to work closely with CAMS Industry members throughout the duration of the award.