Benefits to Industry Members

  • Single point access for AMS training
  • Single point access for AMS research requirements & flexible pre-competitive collaborations 
  • Access to wider and more informed talent pool for recruitment across career lifecycle
  • Collaborative and flexible multi-organisation skills/training programmes
  • Single point access for instrument companies requiring long and short term collaborations and test beds for new technologies
  • Access to world-class analytical technologies/instrumentation
  • Centralised access to leading AMS expertise to help with industrial problem solving and data verification
  • Regional AMS schools
  • Access to first-class training for participants' employees
  • Facilitated industrial placements
  • Distance learning courses

Benefits to Academic Members

  • One community voice for AMS policy/value/funding etc
  • Closer alignment of research objectives with industrial demands
  • Widened industrial network, facilitating enhanced applied research and collaboration opportunities
  • Increased commercialisation of new technologies
  • ‘More attractive' courses for networked students across all levels, increasing breadth of AMS community skills
  • Extensive research collaborations and cross-fertilization
  • Secured investment in key identified gaps such as separation science, through new research posts and emerging talent development
  • Supported programmes to grow networked AMS training offerings in a larger number of institutions
  • Test-bed and showcase for new technologies
  • Collective access to analytical technologies/instrumentation
  • Industrial placements across the career lifecycle
  • Work experience bursaries
  • Scientific publications

Benefits to Students

  • Wider access to a greater breadth of AMS courses, expertise, options for research path etc.
  • Greater potential for industrial employment
  • Understanding of commercialisation pathways