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CAMS: Community for Analytical Measurement Science

CAMS is an industrially-led, strategically connected community, dedicated to supply world class analytical measurement science (AMS) training, research and innovation.
Key goals include:
In more detail CAMS will:
  • Facilitate recognition of world-class UK analytical measurement science training
  • Facilitate industrially-led research to develop and commercialise novel point-of-use measurement technologies
  • Provide a talent pool with industry-ready transferable skills for the future:
  • Provide access to world-leading analytical measurement capability and instrumentation
  • Support inward investment through overseas measurement community involvement
The initiative will leverage the strengths across the UK chemical and bio-analytical measurement science communities through co-ordination of a distributed network of nodes of analytical measurement excellence. 
To do this, CAMS comprises an expanded, regional centre for doctoral training (MSI) and a chemical and bio-analytical training institute (BEAM).

Latest NEWS

What is CAMS?

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CAMS was successfully launched at the RSC, Burlington House, London, on 27 June 2019

Around 80 people from industry, academia and government attended the launch event, which provided an opportunity to hear from leading members and sponsors of the CAMS community and to learn about the benefits from engaging with its initiatives.

Speaking at the launch, Stephen Metcalfe MP, House of Commons Select Committee on Science & Technology, said: “I was delighted to be invited to help launch the Community for Analytical Measurement Science (CAMS). As the community grows, I hope to see CAMS deliver on its aims and play its part in supporting the wider aspirations of the Government’s modern industrial strategy. I hope everyone found the launch as informative as I did.