Welcome to the Community for Analytical Measurement Science

CAMS is an industry-led initiative aimed at promoting world-class analytical measurement science training, research and innovation by bringing together a network of industrial and academic partners with interests in these fields across the UK and Ireland. Our network is managed by an Executive, aided by other decision-making committees: The Industry Advisory Board (IAB), The Academic Management Panel (MSI) and the Training Management Panel (BEAM). 

We are funded by the Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund (ACTF), our industry memberships, academia programme co-funding, (former) BEIS and supported by the Medicines Manufacturing Industry Partnership (MMIP)

As an industry led-network, CAMS works to address specific industry challenges in four priority areas:

  • Point of use sensors and photonics
  • Complex mixtures, separations and detection
  • Data analytics
  • Novel instrumentation or techniques


About Analytical Measurement Science


Every aspect of product lifestyle involves some aspect of analysis: research, development, registration, specification, control, safety, use, re-use/recycle and disposal; and there can be no synthesis without analysis. The UK needs a strong analytical measurement science community to underpin its innovation and research. Analytical science plays a crucial role in economic and societal dynamics. Positioned between fundamental sciences and final application, analytical science is at the heart of innovation. Read more


Measurement Science Research Institue (MSI)


Measurement Science Research Institue (MSI) is CAMS Community Research and Innovation Network.

MSI, is a network of UK and Irish academic institutions, aim to lead, in collaboration with CAMS Industry Advisory Board, on the delivery of research and innovation projects developing novel technologies that support future industrial needs.


MSI Co-chair

Appointed MSI Co-chairs for each theme (one industrialist and one academic). These appointments will be for a 3 year term. With support from the CAMS secretariat and MSI and IAB chairs, the appointed leads take an active role in the operation of the MSI.

Building Effective Analytical Measurement (BEAM)

Building Effective Analytical Measurement (BEAM) is CAMS Community Training Network.

BEAM aim is to identify, in collaboration with the Industry Advisory Board and the Academic Management Panel, new chemical and bio-analytical measurement science training requirements and to develop opportunities and identify existing materials that fulfil chemical and bio-analytical measurement science training requirements.

Our purpose is to source and disseminate knowledge about training resources and events which address the training needs of the CAMS Network. BEAM also aims to disseminate best practice analytical measurement science principles, collaborating with organisations within and outside the network. Read more here


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