CAMS: Community for Analytical Measurement Science

CAMS is an industrially-led, strategically connected community, dedicated to supply world class analytical measurement science (AMS) training, research and innovation.
Key goals include:
In more detail CAMS will:
  • Facilitate recognition of world-class UK analytical measurement science training
  • Facilitate industrially-led research to develop and commercialise novel point-of-use measurement technologies
  • Provide a talent pool with industry-ready transferable skills for the future:
  • Provide access to world-leading analytical measurement capability and instrumentation
  • Support inward investment through overseas measurement community involvement
The initiative will leverage the strengths across the UK chemical and bio-analytical measurement science communities through co-ordination of a distributed network of nodes of analytical measurement excellence. 
To do this, CAMS comprises an expanded, regional centre for doctoral training (MSI) and a chemical and bio-analytical training institute (BEAM).

Latest NEWS


CAMS Official Launch Event & New Video

CAMS will be officially launched at a special event at the Royal Society of Chemistry, London on 29th April 2019.  More details to follow.

In the meantime, take a look at the new CAMS video

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