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Universal classroom-based training courses with practical focus - many available online virtually:

These courses are based within the classroom, make use of 'props' (instrument parts and consumables) for you to handle and you'll be presented with lots of tips and tricks. Although there will be no laboratory-based practical exercises, the courses have a strong focus on the practical information regarding the techniques rather than being all theoretical so this knowledge can be utilised the instant you return to your lab. For the latest training courses and availability click here 



Drawing on our expertise as the UK’s National Measurement Laboratory, we provide online and classroom training courses and consultancy to help laboratories ensure the reliability of their results and meet accreditation and regulatory requirements. Our most popular courses include Method validation, Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty and Essential statistics for analytical scientists.  For the latest training dates, availability and more information click here


With a diverse wealth of experience within ChromSolutions we can offer a comprehensive range of training services. This ranges from sample preparation techniques through to instruments, software, and reporting both from a theoretical and practical point of view. These training services are increasingly offered remotely , with learning resources offered in easy digestible bitesize portions at an optimum learning processes that is scheduled at a convenient time for the customer. This is particularly important when you have new equipment, software or new starters. For more information visit ChromSolutions