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This year the Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund (ACTF) funded 30 Summer Studentships of 6-
8 weeks duration at 19 Universities, private sector companies and non-HEI public sector
organisations with an analytical chemistry research presence, across the

A lecture on Broadband Acoustic Resonance Dissolution (BARDS) by Dr Dara Fitzpatrick, Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry at University College Cork, Ireland.

We will be hosting a Q&A session with Dr Fitzpatrick at a later date.  To register your intere

We are pleased to announce the following have been awarded 2018 CAMS fellowships:  

Mercedes Vázquez, Dublin City University,

  • Coupling of mobile phone camera-based detection systems with microfluidic analytical platforms for on-site analysis of herb

Over a period of 20 years a number of best practice guides were produced under the UK’s Valid Analytical Measurement programme (VAM).  In the coming months we will be making some of these available on the CAMS website as we start to position CAMS as

A one-day launch meeting for the CAMS-UK Industry Steering Panel is being held on Thursday 03 May 2018. 

At the meeting the CAMS-UK project will be outlined, followed by an interactive workshop designed to help shape both the top training thematic ar

The project journey to date has included the following notable activities:

  • 19 Feb 2018: Meeting held by Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund in Burlington House, Piccadilly, London for Academic Institutions to hear more about the project and indicate int

ACTF supports the case for CAMS-UK.  Details of the 7 year support programme will be finalised in October 2017.

Alan Handley will present the case for CAMS-UK to the Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund (ACTF) trustees on 10 August.

The ACTF supports stra