Low-Middle Economy Scholarships

Low-Middle Economy Scholarships
Low-Middle Economy Scholarship Application Form
The Object of the Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund is to promote, assist and extend the science and study of Analytical Chemistry and of all questions relating to the analysis, nature and composition of natural and manufactured materials for the benefit of the public.

The purpose of the Low-Middle Economy (LME) Scholarship scheme is to provide the opportunity for citizens of these countries who are employed in their industrial, academic or public service sectors to visit a Host Institution in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland to acquire new analytical science knowledge, or experience of analytical science teaching, learning or training methods, which would be applied on return to their Home Country.  The emphasis would be very much on achieving a practical and beneficial impact in their Home Country, rather than on purely academic research.
Low-Middle Economy Scholarships Application Form

Deadline for application 7th June 2024
Ensure you have read and understand the LME regulations linked below before completing this form.