About us


 Primary objectives:

  • To ensure that UK organizations apply analytical measurement technologies appropriately and effectively, giving them a competitive edge and helping them contribute to society and the economy;
  • To strengthen the field of analytical science as an economic activity in and of itself.

These two broad objectives have been broken down into more manageable objectives:

  • To encourage and facilitate research projects by partners from a range of application areas and backgrounds;
  • To optimize the fit of level of training and education with market needs for analytical scientists;
  • To open up the national measurement infrastructure to partners.

The Institute will increase the level of UK research in measurement science to support the future chemical and bio-metrology needs of business and wider society across the UK, and directly address the skills shortage in metrological principles and understanding for relevant UK industry.



An Institute in Analytical Measurement Science and Training that addresses the key concerns for future innovation and economic growth in the UK of more efficient translation of application-driven (bio-)analytical measurement given the (a) changing face of skills development needs and access to high-quality (bio-)analytical science researchers and technicians, and (b) increasingly limited access to specialised high-end analytical instrumentation.

Metrology lies at the core of measurement and interpretation. The Institute will be the focal point within the UK for skills development in metrology and metrological applications in the chemical and biological sciences; a centre for measurement science education and training, providing skills that support life-long learning (L3).

The Institute will underpin chemical and biological science measurement research and innovation within the UK and will support measurement training activities internationally. The Institute will operate through a business model that brings together related educational, academic and industrial stakeholders (the Partnership) to work both virtually with existing initiatives and directly by providing class-room and project-based study to produce highly-skilled and sought-after analysts and researchers with embedded measurement principles and their importance in commerce, industry, and the wider society.

Participation in the Institute will be encouraged with a minimum requirement that there should be a well-defined research programme and each individual should be co-supervised to maximise training opportunity.