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Ali Salehi-Reyhani

Lectureship 2019

A Review of Portable High-Performance Liquid Chromatography: the Future of the Field?

Hand-portable HPLC with broadband spectral detection enables analysis of complex polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon mixtures

Joshua Edel
(co-authors inc. Binoy Nadappuram)


Selective Sensing of Proteins Using Aptamer Functionalized Nanopore Extended Field‐Effect Transistors

Combined quantum tunnelling and dielectrophoretic trapping for molecular analysis at ultra-low analyte concentrations

In situ solid-state nanopore fabrication

Understanding Electrical Conduction and Nanopore Formation During Controlled Breakdown

Single-molecule amplification-free multiplexed detection of circulating microRNA cancer biomarkers from serum

Understanding Electrical Conduction and Nanopore Formation During Controlled Breakdown

Single‐Molecule Binding Assay Using Nanopores and Dimeric NP Conjugates

Localised Solid-State Nanopore Fabrication via Controlled Breakdown using On-Chip Electrodes

Matthew Turner


RESEARCH PAPERCombined hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography-scanningfield asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry-time-of-flightmass spectrometry for untargeted metabolomics

Breath selection methods for compact mass spectrometry breath analysis

Evidence for alternative exhaled elimination profiles of disinfection by-products and potential markers of airway responses to swimming in a chlorinated pool environment

A complementary approach to conjugated N-acyliminium formation through photoredox-catalyzed intermolecular radical addition to allenamides and allencarbamates

Volatile atmospheric pressure chemical ionisationmass spectrometry headspace analysis ofE. coliandS. aureus†

The Impact of a Graded Maximal Exercise Protocol on Exhaled Volatile Organic Compounds: A Pilot Study

Applications of ambient ionization mass spectrometry in 2021: An annual review

Nicole Pamme


Can a Paper-Based Device Trace COVID-19 Sources with Wastewater-Based Epidemiology?

Parry Hashemi


An Investigation Into Miniaturised Closed-Loop DBS Devices

Fast serotonin voltammetry as a versatile tool for mapping dynamic tissue architecture: I. Responses at carbon fibers describe local tissue

Novel, User-Friendly Experimental and Analysis Strategies for Fast Voltammetry: 1. The Analysis Kid for FSCV









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