Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund (ACTF)

The Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund (ACTF) is a charity that promotes and assists the science and study of analytical chemistry, including matters relating to the analysis, nature and composition of natural and manufactured materials for the benefit of the public. ACTF is an active partner of CAMS, providing funds to support academic awards (including Lectureships, PostDocs, Fellowships and PhDs), events and secretariat activities.

More recently, ACTF has recognised the disruption that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on analytical science students and launched a £500 Disruption Grant aimed at students in the last 6 months of their PhD who would benefit from additional monetary support. Funding supports personal costs (e.g. rent or other caring/living costs) and cannot be used for laboratory research costs. Click here for details about ACTF, or click here to apply for a COVID-19 Disruption Grant.

Recycling Organisation for Research Opportunities

The Recycling Organisation for Research Opportunities - RORO for short - offers a fuss-free not-for-profit recycling service, redistributing redundant scientific analytical instrumentation to academic institutions around the world. The registered charity tests donated instruments before redistributing them to the developing world to assist with academic research programmes. As well as the obvious environmental benefits, RORO helps to make a difference by enabling research opportunities for tomorrow’s scientists in places where they are needed most.

Does your Team have spare or redundant equipment that could be repurposed? If so, why not visit to find out how it could be put to good use.


The Foundation for Analytical Science & Technology in Africa (FASTA)

Similarly, the Foundation for Analytical Science & Technology in Africa (FASTA) is a registered charity supporting scientific education and preservation of the environment in Africa via capacity-building and technology transfer. Although scientific technology is fundamental to the development of analytical chemistry, research and hands-on teaching is only available in some university labs throughout the developed world, and not in most African countries. FASTA works to provide participating facilities and collaborators with the tools required to establish themselves, and succeed, by installing lab equipment and offering training, maintenance and technical support. FASTA’s underlying aims are to:

  • facilitate research and teaching in chemical systems and environmental processes
  • enable environmental monitoring services at the local and national level
  • promote food analysis to facilitate the import and export of foodstuffs.

FASTA is always looking for support via grants or equipment donations – to find out more email