Community for Analytical Measurement Science (CAMS) celebrates its launch

Friday 28 June 2019, London, UK- The Community for Analytical Measurement Science (CAMS)
celebrated its launch yesterday at the Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House in London.
CAMS is the first industry-led membership network of its kind dedicated to developing leading
training, research and innovation capabilities in analytical measurement science across the UK and

Stephen Metcalfe MP, House of Commons Select Committee on Science & Technology, said: “I was
delighted to be invited to help launch the Community for Analytical Measurement Science (CAMS).

As the community grows, I hope to see CAMS deliver on its aims and play its part in supporting the wider aspirations of the Government’s modern industrial strategy. I hope everyone found the launch as informative as I did.”

CAMS addresses the threat of declining skills in analytical measurement science across the UK and
Ireland. The RSC Analytical Division’s landscaping exercise and subsequent EPSRC review of analytical science identified the importance of a healthy analytical measurement science strategy for
the UK and Ireland.

CAMS will strengthen the existing networks of chemical and bio-analytical measurement excellence throughout the UK and Ireland. To achieve this, CAMS comprises an expanded, regional ‘centre’ for
academic training (MSI) and an analytical quality assurance-training institute (BEAM).

Julian Braybrook, UK Government Chemist and Director of Measurement Science and Partnerships, LGC, and who opened yesterday’s event, said: “Few things are as important for a modern economy as measurement. Its strategic value is often under-appreciated, even though estimates suggest £650 billion of UK’s trade for physical goods alone relies on sound measurement practice.”

Over £15m in funding has been committed to date from the Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund (ACTF), the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the Medicines Manufacturing
Industry Partnership (MMIP), and over 15 industry and 10 academic members. The launch event provided an opportunity to hear from leading members and sponsors of the CAMS
community and to illustrate the benefits from engaging with its initiatives. For more information, please visit

About CAMS
The Community for Analytical Measurement Science addresses the key concerns for future innovation and economic growth in the UK of more efficient translation of application-driven (bio-)analytical measurement given (a) the changing face of skills development needs and access to high-quality (bio-)analytical science researchers and technicians, and (b) increasingly limited access to specialised high-end analytical instrumentation.

The community will underpin chemical and biological science measurement research and innovation within the UK and will support measurement training activities. The network will operate through a business model that brings together related educational, academic and industrial stakeholders to work both virtually with existing initiatives and directly by providing class-room and project-based study to produce highly-skilled and sought-after analysts and researchers with embedded measurement principles and their importance in commerce, industry, and the wider society.

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