CAMS Research Programmes

The purpose of CAMS Awards, Lectureships, PostDocs and PhDs is to leverage funding to facilitate industrially-led innovation in measurement technologies and help both raise the profile, and increase the UK and Ireland academic skills base in measurement science. 

As CAMS is an industry-led network, applicants and their academic institutions are expected to work closely with CAMS Industry Members throughout the duration of the award. Applications should align with at least one of CAMS’s priority areas (listed below) and wherever possible address a specific industry challenge.

  • Point of use sensors and photonics
  • Complex mixtures, separations and detection
  • Data analytics
  • Novel instrumentation or technique

CAMS Awards

CAMS Awards are funded by CAMS Partners with an aim to deliver research and innovation, developing novel technologies that support current and future industrial needs. CAMS Awards include Lectureships, Postdocs and PhDs in a variety of sectors including health, food security, environmental and novel technologies.


Measurement Science Research Institute Community Awards 








The ACTF-CAMS partnership provides funding for a range of initiatives to support the development of analytical measurement science talent. Our Fellowships assist early career analytical chemists to establish their own independent analytical science research identity.

MSI Community, ACTF – CAMS co-funded










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