ACSS Summer studentship

ACSS Summer studentship
Analytical Chemistry Summer Studentships  Application Form - Summer 2024.

The purpose of the awards is to give experience of research to undergraduates with research potential and to encourage them to consider a career in Analytical Chemistry research on completion of their undergraduate degree.

This year the trustees will be awarding at least 50% of the grants (where possible) to projects that are focused on sustainability in analytical chemistry or those that contain a significant component on sustainability, in order to  promote future Analytical Chemistry sustainability champions.

The awards provide support for the student at a rate of £400 per week outside of London or £440 per week inside London for a period of between 6 and 8 weeks during the Summer vacation. 

If you wish your project to be considered under the sustainability stream, please provide details about how your project contributes to sustainability in analytical chemistry.
Please ensure you have read through the regulations before applying. Deadline 26th January 2024.