CAMS Conference 2021

Conference Slides & Recordings

Day 1: Point of Use Sensors & Photonics

Session Recording available on Vimeo

Day 2: Complex Mixtures, Separations & Detections

Session Recording available on Vimeo

Day 3: Data Analytics

Session Recording available on Vimeo

Day 4: UKRI Landscape, Novel Instrumentation & Techniques

Session Recording - coming soon!

Thank you!

Thank you to all of our chairs, presenters and attendees for your participation in CAMS Conference 2021 - your presentations and input were instrumental in making this year's annual event a success.

CAMS saw in excess of 45 speakers and 165 people joining online across the 4 sessions, with further engagement continuing via the Jamboards (Big Ideas and Data Science). Presentations from CAMS Academics, Industry Members and Partners, as well as skill and personal development workshops are now freely available to view and disseminate.

As we reflect on the great research, insights and developments shared during the conference, please feedback on what went well and where we could improve things moving forwards - your comments and suggestions will help inform future CAMS events.

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