The Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund (ACTF) exists to promote, assist and extend the science and study of Analytical Chemistry.  It has achieved this over many years in part through supporting research and investigation into all aspects of analytical chemistry development and by establishing and maintaining fellowships and studentships.  These activities are closely aligned with the aims of CAMS-UK.  Over several months, the CAMS-UK project has been discussed within the Royal Society of Chemistry's Analytical Division, ACTF and general analytical community.  We are delighted to announce that on 15 March 2018 the ACTF Trustees agreed to support CAMS-UK with funding of £3.56 M. The funding will be used to fund a number of new lecturers, post doctoral researchers, fellowships, summer studentships and PhD studentships in analytical measurement science.  The expectation is that this will be distributed via CAMS-UK operated calls, open to the UK and Ireland.

Prof. Duncan Graham (ACTF Chair) commented "This is an exciting time for analytical measurement science in the UK. The EPSRC delivery plan for Analytical Science aims for this research community to have developed a clearer identity and be recognised as a research area in its own right by 2020.  This decision by the ACTF Trustees will provide a significant stimulus for the industry led CAMS-UK initiative and is one step towards achieving this EPSRC goal."  Alan Handley (for CAMS-UK) "I am extremely grateful to the Trustees of the ACTF for their support.  This is a significant milestone in the development of CAMS-UK and we can now move forward with renewed energy to formally launch CAMS-UK later this year."

CAMS-UK is an industrially-led, strategically connected membership based community dedicated to supply world class analytical measurement science (AMS) training, research and innovation.  CAMS-UK has two key focus areas i) a pipeline of key Analytical Measurement Science (AMS) talent and ii) an innovative core for UK Analytical Measurement Science, initially with a strong focus on point of use measurement technologies.