This year the Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund (ACTF) funded 30 Summer Studentships of 6-
8 weeks duration at 19 Universities, private sector companies and non-HEI public sector
organisations with an analytical chemistry research presence, across the UK and RoI.

The purpose of the awards is to give experience of research to undergraduates with
research potential and to encourage them to consider a career in Analytical Chemistry
research on completion of their undergraduate degree. ACTF have been funded such
studentships for many years and this was the first year that these have been re-branded with

In 2020, Trustees of ACTF have agreed to increase the weekly rate for these studentships,
in line with minimum wage guidance. Calls for 2020 studentships will be made in late 2019.
The deadline for applications is Friday 24 th January 2020 and successful applicants will be notified in
March 2020.