A one-day launch meeting for the CAMS-UK Industry Steering Panel is being held on Thursday 03 May 2018. 

At the meeting the CAMS-UK project will be outlined, followed by an interactive workshop designed to help shape both the top training thematic areas which would be most impactful for the Analytical Measurement community (cross-sector) as well as the top measurement challenges in the following themes:

  1. Point of Use, Sensors and Photonics,
  2. Data Analytics
  3. Complex Mixtures, Separation and Detection
  4. Novel Instrumentation/Techniques

The output from the meeting will, in the immediate term, be used to help inform the detail for advertisements of a number of new CAMS-UK analytical measurement science research/innovation academic and researcher posts as well as a calendar of activities of training activities in 2019. Details will also be available at the meeting about membership should you wish to find out more about how your organization can join.

If you are interested in attending this meeting, please contact the Secretariat at secretariat@cams-uk.co.uk for further information.