Meet our Industry Member ChromSolutions

Meet our Industry Member ChromSolutions

ChromSolutions Ltd was formed in 2004 and has a wealth of experience in Gas and Liquid Chromatography, Mass spectrometry and sample preparation techniques. We have three offices in the UK and in 2019 we celebrated 15 year in business and were awarded Tier 3 membership to the Community of Analytical Measurement (CAMS) through our contributions to Building Effective Analytical Measurement (BEAM). These and other quick reference guidance documents are also available here

With over 120 years of collective experience ChromSolutions offer an independent source of advice and consultancy for modern analytical instrumentation and measurement, sales, service, and support on a global basis. We re-launched our website in 2020, featuring our latest remote service offerings called ChromTelemetry™. We offer advice on instrument and software purchasing, training, method/development, and troubleshooting. Our current focus is on Agilent, CTC and Varian GC & GC/MS equipment and software. We have added 3D printing to our portfolio. This includes prototyping and product development using CAD, (Computer Aided Design) coupled to 3D printing. We also offer training and support for customers who wish to get stated in 3D printing to improve their existing skills.

Our Objectives and Values:
• Providing trusting and working relationships, both inside and outside the organisation
• Helping analysts get the best from their analytical measurement is our passion
• Enhance the quality of knowledge and technical skill within the client’s organisation
• Deliver cost effective products and services to our global clients
• Providing knowledge when you need it

ChromSolutions Products and Services:
• Sales and marketing support: We can provide detailed market knowledge and access to customers in the UK marketplace
• Providing trusting and working relationships, both inside and outside the organisation.
• 3D printing support: 3D Printing - Prototyping for one-off designs/products through to large scale production
• Analytical support:
 - Instrument purchasing – Selecting the correct configuration and software for your
 - Instrument networking - Setup and security
 - Sample preparation - Offline and all online instrument sample preparation

 - Method development and optimisation
 - Troubleshooting - Instrument/application/software issues
• Bespoke consumables.
 -  3D printed sample trays
 - 3D printed custom gas sampling device
 - 3D printed flow indicator
 - 3D printed gas tags
 - 3D printed OEM obsolete parts
• Training support:
 - Chromatography/MS related
 - 3D printing related
 - SPE related
All the training and support activities above can be provided, remotely or on-site.


Our Collaborations and Partnerships:
We partner and collaborate with several companies that complement our branding model. This ranges from single ownership to larger commercial organisations such as Restek and Agilent. A full list can be found here:

Our Customers and Target Markets:
Our target audience would be smaller independent businesses operating in any of these market sectors:
• Chemical & Petrochemical
• Energy
• Environmental
• Food & Beverage
• Forensics
• Fragrance Forensic
• Life Science
• Pharmaceutical

A fuller list of companies we have helped is available on our website:
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