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CAMS 2023/24 Industry Call for Postdocs and PhDs  


The Community for Analytical Measurement Science (CAMS) is pleased to announce its 2023/24 Industry Call for Postdocs and PhDs.

CAMS is an industry-led initiative aimed at promoting world-class analytical measurement science training, research and innovation by bringing together a network of industrial and academic partners with interests in these fields across the UK and Ireland. Our network is managed by an Executive Board, aided by other decision-making committees: The Industry Advisory Board (IAB), The Community Research and Innovation Network (MSI) and The Community Training Network (BEAM).

We are funded by our industry memberships, the Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund (ACTF) and  academic co-funding, alongside support from the Department for Science, Innovation & Technology.

As an industry led-network, CAMS works to address specific industry challenges in four priority areas:

  • Point of use sensors and photonics
  • Complex mixtures, separations and detection
  • Data analytics
  • Novel instrumentation or techniques.


CAMS Industry Call 2023_24_Terms and conditions.pdf

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