Check the condition of all glassware before use, taking special care when using equipment such as pipettes and burettes, as the tips can be easily damaged if these items are not stored correctly.

Glassware should be clean and free from dust. To test if an item is clean:

  • Allow water to drain from the item;
  • The absence of discrete droplets of water on the interior surface indicates a clean, dust free interior.

If droplets of water remain on the interior surface of the item, the glassware should be cleaned prior to use. How to clean and dry glassware:

  • Clean with a suitable detergent such as Teepol® or Decon® 90;
  • Thoroughly rinse with water;

Allow to drain at room temperature, or rinse with acetone and then allow to drain or apply a gentle stream of clean dry air;

Volumetric glassware should not be washed in a dishwasher at high temperatures or dried by heating in an oven as this may affect the accuracy of the graduation marks.