CAMS Fellowship Call 2020 now open!

6047464666?profile=RESIZE_400xThe Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund (ACTF) and Community for Analytical Measurement Science (CAMS) are pleased to announce this year’s CAMS Fellowship call.

Purpose and Criteria of CAMS Fellowships

The ACTF-CAMS partnership provides funding for a range of initiatives to support the development of analytical measurement science talent. The objective of the ACTF is to promote, assist and extend the science and study of analytical chemistry, and of all questions relating to the analysis, nature and composition of natural and manufactured materials for the benefit of the public. CAMS is an industry-led initiative aimed at promoting world-class analytical measurement science training, research and innovation.

In this year’s call, up to 5 CAMS Fellowships, funded by the ACTF, will assist early career analytical chemists establish a research identity. Applicants should be within 5 years of their first, fulltime academic appointment at a UK or Irish higher education institute.

One-off Fellowship awards of up to £30K are to be used in any way that advances the purpose of the Fellow; including but not limited to:

  • co-funding of PhD studentship
  • a 3-to-6 month sabbatical
  • buy-out from teaching commitments
  • purchase of equipment or materials
  • visit(s) to UK, Irish or overseas laboratory(ies)
  • purchase of time on third party facilities
  • public engagement and schools, including training in communication
  • fieldwork
  • hosting visiting researcher(s) of acknowledged standing
  • establishing a research network

NOTE: Registration fees or overhead costs will not be paid.

Applications should be in-keeping with to the objectives of ACTF and CAMS – further information about CAMS and its 4 research themes (point of use sensors and photonics; novel instrumentation or technique; data analytics and complex mixtures, separations and detection) can be found on the CAMS website

Who is Eligible?

Early career and outstanding Analytical Chemists within 5 years of their first independent junior academic appointment at a UK or Irish HEI. The Fellowship must be completed within 5 years of the date of appointment. There are no restrictions on age or nationality, but a Fellow must normally be resident in the UK or Ireland.

Applications are welcomed from candidates who wish to re-establish themselves after a career break or other period of absence from active research.

Call Timetable

7136908260?profile=RESIZE_710xApplication Content & Format

Applications must be completed and submitted via the online form by 17:00HRS on Friday 18 September 2020. At a minimum, applications must detail:

  • The start and end dates of the Fellowship
  • Aim(s) and objective(s) of the Fellowship
  • How time will be spent
  • Deliverables and benefits
  • Impact on the UK or Irish analytical chemistry community and industry
  • Medium to long term professional development of the Fellow
  • How and when money will be spent; salaries, consumables, equipment, subsistence, travel (by economy class: including visas, insurance etc), teaching buy-out and other expenses
  • A statement outlining how the Work Programme is compliant with the best standards of ethical practice

Assessment of Applications

Applications will be assessed by a minimum of 3 professional analytical chemists from the ACTF and/or CAMS. The 5 highest scoring applications will be selected to receive a CAMS Fellowship, noting ACTF and CAMS reserve the right to make no Fellowship award if applications do not meet the required standard.


A Fellowship is valued up to £30,000 or Euro equivalent, and will not exceed £30,000 under any circumstances. Fellowship grants are exempt from VAT.

Payment will be made by BACS to the Fellow’s Home Institution up to one month before the start date of the Fellowship upon receipt of the Fellow’s Home Institution’s invoice by the ACTF Administrator. The Fellow’s Home Institution will be responsible for disbursement of funds to the Fellow.

Registration fees or overhead costs will not be paid. Fellows are responsible for their own work permits, visas, immigration clearance, travel and accommodation arrangements, insurance of their travel costs, personal belongings and medical requirements.

In consultation with the ACTF Administrator, Fellows may be permitted to move money between expenditure categories during the course of their Fellowship.

Other Benefits

Recipients (the individual) of CAMS Fellowships will automatically receive Awardee Membership to the CAMS Network and have access to the following benefits for the 12 month duration of the award:

  • Invite to attend and present/exhibit at annual CAMS conference
  • Promotion of work and highlighting institution’s skills/expertise via CAMS website and social media channels
  • Engagement with CAMS Industry and Academic members via facilitated webinars
  • Access to CAMS network resources including webinars, best practice guides, showcase events and education

Progress, Impact and Expenditure Reporting

Fellows are required to provide a Quarterly Dashboard report summarising their progress and achievement against the programme of work detailed in their application every 3 months. Fellows are also required to provide a Final Report and Statement of Expenditure within 3 months of the end of the Fellowship.

A second follow-up report outlining the medium term development of the Fellow’s research career must be sent to the ACTF and CAMS one year after the end of the Fellowship.

Fellows may be invited to present their achievements at an Analytical Research Forum or other CAMS or RSC Analytical Division meeting/event.

Variation and Termination

A Fellowship is a grant to the Fellow only; in the event that a Fellow is for any reason unable to conduct the Fellowship no substitution will be permitted.

In the event of maternity, paternity, adoption, parental or sick leave on the part of the Fellow no additional funds will be paid, but the requirement to complete the Fellowship within 5 years of the date of appointment to the Fellow’s first full-time junior academic position may be relaxed at the discretion of ACTF and CAMS.

If a Fellow, for any reason, ceases to undertake the Work Programme the ACTF Administrator must be informed immediately in writing. Where possible, at least one month’s notice should be given of any material change in the Fellow’s or the Work Programme’s circumstances.

If a Fellow plans to transfer to another HEI before the beginning of the Fellowship or during the Fellowship, Trustees expect the grant to transfer with the Fellow to the new HEI. Agreement is required to this from both the transferring and receiving HEI and from the ACTF.

If a Fellow transfers before or during a Fellowship to an organisation outside the UK or the Republic of Ireland the grant will be terminated forthwith and all uncommitted funds returned to ACTF.

Any Fellow whose progress or conduct does not satisfy ACTF and CAMS shall have the grant terminated. 

ACTF and CAMS reserve the right to terminate the grant at any time, subject to reasonable notice and to pay any payment that may be necessary to cover outstanding and unavoidable commitments.


CAMS Fellowships may be terminated, or its conditions varied, at any time at the discretion of ACTF and CAMS.

ACTF and CAMS reserve the right to make no Fellowship award if applications do not meet the required standard.

Fellows should seek to publish the results of their CAMS Fellowship in accordance with normal academic practice, preferably in RSC journals. The Fellow and the Home Institution shall acknowledge the support of the ‘Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund’ and ‘Community for Analytical Measurement Science’ in all publications and materials resulting from the Fellowship.

ACTF and CAMS make no claim to the intellectual property rights arising from a Fellowship.

ACTF and CAMS accept no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for expenditure by the Fellow or the Host Institution in addition to the Fellowship grant or liability financial or otherwise arising from the Fellowship. 

The decision of ACTF and CAMS is final.

If not already a member, Fellows are strongly encouraged to become a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and its Analytical Division.

Point of Contact

Please contact Dr Ruth Hearn, ACTF Administrator, at with any queries about the CAMS Fellowship Call 2020.