The project journey to date has included the following notable activities:

  • 19 Feb 2018: Meeting held by Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund in Burlington House, Piccadilly, London for Academic Institutions to hear more about the project and indicate interest in engagement;
  • 8 Feb 2018: Current Tier 1 academic institutions meet to co-ordinate a CDT bid as part of Martin Synge Institute offerings;
  • Jan 2018: Membership draft agreement finalised;
  • Jan 2018: Current Tier 1 academic institutions meet to agree principles for a joint CDT submission in 2018 call;
  • Dec 2018: BEIS Funding Request for CAMS UK BEAM co-ordination role;
  • Nov 2017: UK Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund in principle Endorsement of £4M to support the initiative including supporting set-up costs for 2018 and hosting an open meeting for the UK Analytical Academic Community to hear about the project (19th Feb, London);
  • Nov 2017: Discussions with the Office of Life Sciences to request this project be considered as one to incorporate in the government support of industry strategy second wave funding areas;
  • Nov 2017: Continued endorsement confirmed for the project by the Medicines Manufacturing Industry Partnership – within the Technology & Innovation and Skills Streams;
  • Oct 2017: Support for development of the early stages of a multi-institutional CDT Analytical bid by Tier 1 CAMS-UK academic members;
  • Sept 2017: Discussions with EPSRC/BBSRC/MRC to identify funding routes for programmes within CAMS-UK;
  • June - Sept 2017: Construction of a CAMS-UK website (about to be launched);
  • June - Sept 2017: Evaluation of various commercially available e-learning platforms for CAMS-UK training material provision;
  • June - Oct 2017: Commitment from three initial founding academic organisations to fund and appoint Analytical Chairs (including Separation Science) as part of CAMS-UK Tier 1 commitment;
  • Aug – Nov 2017: Development of a structure for the network and a membership agreement draft  (including three tier levels with associated details on costs (££ and indirect) and benefits);
  • June 2017: Registration  of the community network name – now known as Community for Analytical Measurement Science - UK (CAMS-UK);
  • April 2017: Industrial Workshop at Burlington House, London – bringing together some 25 representatives across different industrial sectors to discuss the project and their potential engagement in the future;
  • June - Dec 2017:Industry Surveyed for CAMS-UK need across (110 organisations of varying size and industrial sector) and MMIP (medicines and manufacturing industry partnership) sponsorship gained. Point of use technology network focus endorsed;
  • May 2016: Initial Meeting with UK skills, research councils and professional bodies to discuss potential for a community project – successfully endorsed. Mandate to gather industry buy-in.